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2017 Christmas Adopt-A-Family Program Review

Neighbor Network’s 2017 Christmas Adopt-A-Family Program sponsored a total of 89 families for a total of 394 individuals receiving gifts.

Thank You

I am truly grateful for all those who purchased a gift(s) for a family, adopted an entire family, wrapped gifts, delivered gifts to families, or helped with the many behind the scenes tasks that go into making it all possible.

A special thank you to Jim Bimstefer for the use of his moving truck, our Santa’s sled. Through donations of gifts, time, resources and money we accomplished so much this holiday season. Your continued faith and support of Neighbor Network and its mission, to help those less fortunate, is truly heartwarming. The holidays are a wonderful time for giving and I truly appreciate that you chose to give to the families supported by Neighbor Network’s Adopt-A-Family Program.

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